What happens to Harry and Karen in love really?

Love Actually is back on our TV screens for Christmas, and it’s reminded us of something we learned about the movie back in 2015.

Director Richard Curtis’ wife – screenwriter, author and broadcaster Emma Freud – live-tweeted a midnight screening of the film she saw with her family.

In doing so, she revealed many details about the film that viewers probably haven’t known before.

One of those revelations was what happens to Karen and Harry, played by Emma Thompson and the late Alan Rickman, after the movie ends.

In the film, the audience can only watch as Harry, who has two children with his wife Karen, engages in a flirtation with his secretary Mia (Heike Makatsch), and later decides to buy her a gold chain for Christmas.

Karen accidentally discovers the necklace and thinks it’s for her, only to realize the heartbreaking truth when he gives her a Joni Mitchell CD instead. It leads to one of the most tear-jerking scenes in British cinema: Karen is listening to the CD in their bedroom, crying and wondering what to do next.

Rickman was one of the best things in Richard Curtis’ over-the-top Love Actually

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When she confronts him at their children’s school play, he admits it, telling her he had been “so stupid”, but the audience is never told what happens to the unhappy couple after the film ends.

Luckily, a fan asked that very question during the screening, and Freud said, “They stay together, but at home they’re not as happy as they once were.”

Which is actually more heartbreaking than if they had broken up.

Another piece of Love Actually trivia is the tear-jerking scene between an older lesbian couple who ended up in the cutting room.

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Many fans don’t realize that a relationship was depicted between the headmistress (Anne Reid) of the school Karen’s (Emma Thompson) son attended and her terminally ill partner Geraldine (Frances de la Tour).

Audiences were set to see a touching scene where the pair argued about their different tastes in fancy sausages and displayed a wicked sense of humour, before enjoying the night.

Read more about that scene here.

This article was originally published in 2018

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