This sleek “Inception Top” is a world record-setting toy that spins for more than 4 hours

Spinning tops are one of the oldest and most recognizable toys around, apparently dating back to 1250 BCE in China! Of course, spinning tops have come a long way since then, morphing into newer and more exciting versions of their predecessors. But have you ever come across one that spins for not just seconds, but for hours on end?! If you haven’t, then say hello to LIMBO. This beautiful CNC machined spinning top promises to spin for +4 hours! Designed to absolutely mystify you and make you wonder if you’re in a dream or not, the sleek and shiny spinning top defies the laws of physics by spinning like a beautiful ballerina for hours.

LIMBO is a marvel to behold as it does not need a special base and can spin on surfaces that other tops can’t even imagine spinning on. From a coin to even your fingertip, LIMBO’s spinning abilities are quite versatile, allowing it to spin on the most unique surfaces, and letting you put them to the test by placing it on a variety of different surfaces. Oh, and did we mention LIMBO won the Guinness World Record for the most rotating mechanical top – it spun for 27:09:24 hours in an incredibly controlled environment and under near-perfect circumstances.

Designer: LIMBO

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LIMBO does not fall short on quality at all, it is made of first-class metal – using CNC, high polishing and powder coating. The tip is made of stainless steel to give it a flawless and effortless spin, excellent durability and the power to spin for hours. LIMBO’s custom-made motor gives the little top an angular momentum that allows it to spin smoothly at 1000 RPM. Although it functions as a beautiful spinning top, it’s really a smart, self-balancing electric gyro – which is the secret to its long hours of spinning. It has a rechargeable 3.7 battery, which needs to be charged for 40 minutes, to support LIMBO in spinning for more than 4 hours.

Spinning tops are a fleeting beauty. Just like a snowflake that dances in the sky before landing on the floor, a spindly wad only dances for a few seconds, maybe a handful of minutes. However, this is where LIMBO is a big upgrade to the regular spinners – those few seconds of magical spinning transform into hours of captivating movement, which you can watch as and when you want. It gives you plenty of time to relax and clear your head, and also allows you to get back to work and go back to LIMBO when you feel like taking a break! Not only is LIMBO a technological feat, and the most fascinating desktop accessory – it also evokes a deep sense of curiosity and wonder in anyone who comes across it, despite its rather minimal form factor.

The beauty of LIMBO is that it surpasses the board toy. Not only is it a pop cult icon, referencing Christopher Nolan’s Inception, but it’s also a pretty incredible device in its own right, spinning for hours. It’s the kind of toy that gets people noticing, talking, and constantly engaging with it. Seconds turn into minutes, which turn into hours as people are completely baffled by how LIMBO dances on and on, without breaking a sweat! You will literally feel like you are in a dream…

The true value or strength of LIMBO lies in its innate ability to evoke an awe-stricken reaction from people who watch it. Anyone who watches LIMBO spin for hours is bound to go “WOW”. It’s the kind of EDC that not only helps you relax, but looks super sharp on your desk, is pretty easy to carry and makes you Mr.Popular at work too!

Click here to buy now: Starting at $67 $99 (25% discount and additional 10% discount with exclusive coupon code “YANKO2022”). Hurry, the deal ends in 48 hours!

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