These are the worst design mistakes of 2022

We’ve seen great design in 2022, from elegant logo redesigns to sharp graphic design and innovative new products. But, like every year, 2022 also brought its share of designs that left us amused, confused, frustrated or all three.

From a game controller that the design team should have had a second opinion on, to a logo no one can read and even some terrible product design from Apple, 2022 has seen its share of design crimes. So as we reach the end of the year, let’s take a moment to sit back and take stock of some of the worst design decisions we’ve seen in the past 12 months (for designs that make the grade, see our pick of the best logos of all time) .

The Kia logo, one of the biggest design mistakes of 2022

The new logo for KN cars, Kia regrets (Image credit: Kia)

First up is one of the most styled logos of 2022. We raised doubts about the new Kia logo when it was revealed last year. But when cars with the new badge started driving on the street, it turned out to have exactly the effect we feared. Everyone is wondering where this new “KN” car brand comes from.

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