Senator Susan Collins called Ivanka Trump during the January 6 riot: Transcripts

  • On January 6, the committee released a transcript of Ivanka Trump’s interview.`
  • The transcript revealed that Senator Susan Collins called Ivanka Trump during the Capitol riot.
  • Collins wanted Trump to have his father make a statement telling the rebels to go home.

Amid the chaos on January 6, 2021, Senator Susan Collins of Maine called Ivanka Trump and urged her to tell her father, then-President Donald Trump, to take more aggressive action to stop the uprising.

The testimony is part of a trove of transcripts released Friday by the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

During Ivanka Trump’s questioning, in which she spoke about how she participated in helping her father condemn the violence at the Capitol, it was revealed that Collins had called Trump at 3:29 p.m. local time on January 6, moments after her father had released himself. a tweet asking “everyone at the US capitol to remain peaceful.”

After being asked if she remembers the phone call, Trump responds saying she does.

“It was a short conversation,” Ivanka Trump says, according to the transcript. “I remember her saying that the president had to get involved to stop what was happening, generally speaking, which reflects the sentiment of many, that we should all be doing everything we can.”

Ivanka continued: “I told her that the president had just issued another tweet, I think I told her. I know I sent it to her — or I think I sent it to her. So it was a short conversation, but I understood why she called me and I agreed with her sentiment.”

The call was 18 seconds long, according to phone records cited by the committee on Jan. 6, but after the call, Collins sent a text message to Ivanka Trump: “The president needs to send out a very strong tweet telling people to go home and stop the violence now. “

The call from Collins is one of the few calls that Ivanka Trump received during the uproar. Ivanka Trump also confirmed that Senator Lindsey Graham called her from the Capitol building as the events unfolded. Trump said she did not pick up the phone, but passed the phone on to senior White House adviser Eric Herschmann.

Trump’s testimony also includes dozens of instances where she said she is unable to recall details of what happened on January 6. For example, she did not recall tweets her father sent out condemning Vice President Mike Pence’s participation in certifying the election.

However, Ivanka Trump recalled a phone call between Pence and her father in the Oval Office on the morning of Jan. 6, which she described as “heated.”

The Jan. 6 committee previously took aim at Ivanka Trump’s testimony in the summary of the report, released Monday, writing that she was not “completely honest or forthcoming” when she spoke to them.

Ivanka Trump also spoke about her feelings when she saw the riot unfold on TV, saying it was the “context” she needed to understand that “something happened that, you know, shouldn’t happen.”

On Thursday 6 January, the committee published its final report. which included details of how much Donald Trump raised in donations before the riot, concerned text messages between Secret Service agents and a voicemail message from attorney Rudy Giuliani.

The report also described Ivanka Trump pleading with her father to stop the violence, noting that she appeared “visibly upset” after her father refused to listen to her.

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