Blood Origin’ has Netflix’s worst audience score of all time

What once seemed like it could be Netflix’s answer to Game of Thrones appears to be in serious trouble. The Witcher has lost Henry Cavill as its star after next season, and the first attempt to expand the universe with a new live-action show looks set to go disastrously wrong.

The good news first: The Witcher: Blood Origin is currently the number 1 series on Netflix, indicating that it has the viewership to propel it above the likes of Wednesday and Emily in Paris.

The bad news: What people actually watch can make them wish they hadn’t cared. Right now, in addition to having pretty bad critic scores, The Witcher: Blood Origin literally has the worst audience scores for a major Netflix original I’ve ever seen.

While 35% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes is certainly not great, technically I guess I’ve seen worse (my favorite Netflix stat is the double 0% for both 365 Days movies). But for audience scores? I’ve never seen one nine percent for.

The last time I wrote about a series with low audience scores on Netflix, it was the now canceled Resident Evil series, which had 22% from the audience. Then I just hadn’t seen anything close to it, even among other lamb series. Even shows that were generally equally bad were often liked more by audiences than critics, such as Jupiter’s Legacy, which had a critic score of 41% and an audience score of 77%, or Haters Back Off, a show shown on many ” worst Netflix shows’ lists, with a 50% critic score with a 76% audience score. The only original I saw close to Resident Evil at the time was Infinite Darkness, the CG RE series, which had a 50% critic score and a 39% audience score.

The Witcher: Blood Origin may be the worst reviewed series, between fans and critics, that Netflix has ever seen. Why? Here are some examples from both groups:

  • “The TV equivalent, sort of, of a tangentially related hyperlink that you end up clicking while you’re reading about something else on Wikipedia.” – Ready Steady Cut (Critic’s Review)
  • “Bloody, unoriginal and delivered on the promise of better things – The Witcher: Blood Origin is a mediocre affair. Michelle Yeoh is wasted, Lenny Henry lacks conviction and Minnie Driver has a great narrative. Best avoided.” – We Got This Tire (Critic’s Review)
  • “Bad. Just very bad. I wonder when Netflix will reach the point where they can’t treat the source material worse. I sure hope this is their lowest point finally, otherwise it might be time to leave this platform forever” = Al R (Audience Review)
  • “In a generic fantasy setting with several box-ticking characters, a soulless show rises from a place it should never have risen. Between loathsome and cruel, this non-Witcher has basically nothing of note. It does absolutely nothing for a Witcher fan: adds nothing, builds nothing, had no character or resemblance to source material. I could watch the original Polish program that you may not even know exists, but this was just too much.” – Marcelo A (audience rating)

Just brutal. I don’t know exactly what went wrong here, but Netflix really needs to figure it out to make sure that the poisoned nature of this series doesn’t translate into the final seasons of The Witcher itself.

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