All the most scandalous Kardashian scandals of 2022

2022 is coming to an end, and it’s been nothing short of drama for our favorite reality family.

While the Kardashian/Jenners have seemingly tried to steer clear of the controversy, this year has seen the sisters caught up in tons of messy scandals — from “delusional” photoshop jobs, to business “advice.”

And so I hereby present to you—in no particular order—the biggest Kardashian controversies of 2022.

First, people were outraged by the way the Kar/Jenners – one of the most influential families in the world – contributed to the growing climate crisis.

And she continued to spark fury with an apparent “flick” of her and partner Travis Scott’s separate jets by posting a now-infamous photo of the pair embracing in front of their matching jets with the caption: “wanna take mine or yours?”

In December, new data emerged which revealed the pair had taken separate flights to the exact same location, with fans branding them “unbelievably selfish” again.

This theme of flaunting private jets became a recurring one in the family, with Kim going on to show off the jet’s cashmere interior during an episode of their Hulu show, The Kardashians.

But it wasn’t just carbon emissions that the sisters used in excess. An LA Times report exposing several celebrities’ excessive water consumption came to light in August, with Kim and Kourtney listed among the worst culprits.

Kim’s properties reportedly used nine years’ worth of water in just one month amid the California drought, which had been named the worst on record. She and Kourtney reportedly exceeded their limits by a combined total of over 300,000 liters over the summer.

To make matters worse, Kim later defended her and her sisters’ decisions when she argued that people should be able to “choose” what practices they use to combat the climate crisis.

“I have super friends who are involved in climate change and I love learning from them,” she told Interview magazine in September. “I do what I can, but you have to pick and choose what really works for you in your life.”

Twitter: @KimKardashian

“I also believe in being realistic and I think sometimes there is so much to worry about on this planet and it can be very scary to live life with anxiety,” she added.

Fans were furious of the partnership, labeling both Kourtney and Kim “the biggest hypocrites”.

A $65 million private-jetting Kardashian is now a “sustainability ambassador” for fossil-fuel fashion brand boohoo, where she’ll chat “with sustainability experts to better understand challenges and opportunities in the fashion industry.” We absolutely CANNOT.

Twitter: @venetialamanna

But away from the sisters’ damaging contribution to the climate crisis, Kim also sparked controversy with her rather unforgettable — and divisive — moment at the Met Gala.

Kim divided opinion when she rocked up to the event wearing Marilyn Monroe’s iconic “Happy Birthday Mr. President” dress, and later caused even more of a stir when she revealed the drastic measures she had taken to ensure it fit her.

Kim began a strict and excessive exercise routine and diet just three weeks before the Met, and was quickly accused of promoting disordered eating.

Kim boasted about her strict diet and exercise plan on the Met Gala red carpet and throughout Season 2 of The Kardashians. And it was just another example of her current obsession with proving how hard she works – something that has frustrated even her biggest fans this year.

Although it’s now become more of a hilarious meme, Kim’s memorable “advice for women in business” line sparked outrage back in March. When asked what she would tell aspiring businesswomen during an interview with Variety, Kim replied: “Get up and work. It seems like nobody wants to work these days.”

Several netizens called out the star for lecturing the public about success without acknowledging some of the factors – namely her family’s wealth, privilege and connections – that have helped her get to where she is today.

And we later saw Kim’s raw reaction to the setback unfold in real time thanksThe Kardashianswhere she tried to equalize with the general public.

While discussing the controversy with Khloé and Kendall, Kim suggested that people didn’t know the true “story” behind their upbringing and insinuated that their family had been through some kind of struggle.

“Yes, we grew up privileged, but people don’t know the story of [Caitlyn Jenner] and mom had to sell their house in Hidden Hills because they couldn’t afford it and they had to move to an apartment,” she said. Caitlyn is the ex-partner of their mother, Kris Jenner.

However, a closer look back at Kris’ detailed memoir from 2011 – titled Kris Jenner … And All Things Kardashian – revealed that this was actually far from true, and the Hidden Hills move in question involved the ex-couple moving after realizing they had too much space. In turn, fans accused the family of trying to “gaslight” their audience.

Speaking of all things out of touch, the family also drew criticism for appearing more unrelatable than ever this year.

The couple, who were desperate to do “normal” things together, admitted they hadn’t shopped for groceries “for ages”. And this was certainly made clear by their extreme reactions to the most mundane things, not to mention that Kris had absolutely no idea how to work the card machine at the register.

Just three months later, Kourtney and her husband, Travis Barker, faced a similar backlash when fans accused them of “cosplaying” as working-class citizens when they stopped for an “aesthetic” photoshoot.

Plus, who can forget Kendall and the damn cucumber.

Kendall, who was 26 at the time, went viral when she struggled to cut a cucumber in an episode of The Kardashians, resulting in a panicked Kris Jenner calling for help from their private chef. The bizarre display ended up sparking a serious conversation about the pitfalls of growing up privileged, with many people calling it “sad” and “frustrating” to watch.

Meanwhile, the family was called out on Instagram for a series of increasingly bizarre photoshop errors.

Khloé, who has openly admitted to using a “good filter, good lighting and an edit here and there” on her photos, was criticized for tweaking her photos after fans saw how weird her hands looked in an Instagram post .

Just days later, Kris literally deleted an entire carousel of photos from Instagram after forgetting to edit one of her and Kim. Unfortunately for her, eagle-eyed Reddit users had already taken a screenshot of the photo in question.

And by the end of the month, Kim had also caused a stir after deleting a bikini photo which fans noticed had a leg that looks super distorted.

Later in the year, Kim was accused of going so far as to edit her trapezius muscle out of photos as well. And just last month, people pointed out that Kendall’s waist appeared to have been edited in photos she shared after they appeared distinctly different to several paparazzi shots.

And I’m sure we all remember the big Disneyland scandal at the end of 2021, but it was this year that Khloé accidentally confirmed the whole thing and all our questions were answered.

For those not up to date, Kim posted these rather bizarre photos of her daughter, Chicago, and Khloé’s daughter, True, at Disneyland on December 31, 2021. I say bizarre look because, well, just look at True (right).

Naturally, fans speculated that it was a bad photoshop job due to the way True seemed to be floating in the photos, and Khloé ended up revealing that this was the case when she let it slip that True’s first trip to Disneyland was on her birthday in April 2022 – four months after Kim’s post.

Responding to a fan who tweeted that “The people have questions,” Khloé candidly admitted that she had “fooled this one up,” confirming once and for all that the photos were edited.

@BonGucci @KimKardashian Welllppp I fucked this one. Anyway… let’s focus on something else 😂 Our show airs in a few days 🤣

Twitter: @khloekardashian

And it turns out Kim’s decision to tweak the photos was because she wanted to maintain a pink and blue ‘aesthetic’ on her Instagram – something she confirmed during an episode of The Kardashians.

Speaking of the Hulu show, this was also the source of huge backlash in 2022.

Fans ended up labeling the series “a chore to watch” after realizing that the sisters’ various ventures got most of the screen time, as opposed to the good old drama they were known and loved for on E!s. Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Several social media users have since theorized that the family is actually trying to completely reshape their image, trading scandal and controversy for all things business and work. Unfortunately for them, many of their fans have been completely “bored” by the shift.

While Kylie had kept all details of her baby boy completely private – including his name and face – since his birthday in February, fans quickly noticed things were completely different when she welcomed her first daughter, Stormi, in 2018.

Stormi was quickly posted all over Kylie’s Instagram page and, now 4, the little girl often accompanies her mother to photo shoots and red carpets, while also modeling for Kylie Baby.

Fans noticed that this contrast also mirrored the way Khloé is raising her two children. Photos of now 4-year-old True were posted publicly within weeks of her birth, while Khloé’s other child — who is also an unnamed baby boy — remains a total mystery.

That said, Kylie and Khloé have yet to reveal the names and faces of their baby boys. Is it too optimistic to hope for some new information in 2023? At this point, probably not.

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